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Introduction of PowderPro Series Powder Characteristics Testers 


PowderPro Series powder characteristics testers include two models – PowderPro A1 which is an automatic powder characteristics tester and PowderPro M1 which is a manual powder characteristics tester. These two instruments are mainly used to measure angle of repose and fall, angle of spatula (also called flat plate angle), bulk density ,tapped density, dispersibility, voidage and cohesion, angle of slide, hall flow rate (customized) for different powders. And they can also calculate angle of difference, compressibility, uniformity, flowability index, floodability index, sieve size of powders. These two instruments are essential tools for the research and evaluation of powder materials and have been widely used in many industries.




The physical properties of a powder pile are very important and need to be measured, the basic physical characteristics of powdered materials are practically significant in powder production, processing, transportation, storage and other applications. For example, angle of repose and angle of fall should be considered while designing cone angle silos; tapped and bulk densities should be taken into account while designing packaging bags and barrels or during the production of tablets made from powdered raw materials; the flowability index and floodability index are important when delivering powder via gas in pipelines. PowderPro A1 was developed to obtain fast, simple, accurate, scientific test results for the physical properties of all these powders. This new type of physical testing instrument integrates many state-of-the-art technologies like intelligent control via Wi-Fi connection, image processing technology, 3D electromagnetic vibration and rotating tapped density measurement technology.


PowderPro A1 is a smart powder characteristics analyzer that measures the physical properties of powders in accordance with various international standards in an accurate, intelligent, and scientific way. It is an essential tool to understand and research powdered materials.

Powder Characteristics Analyzer

PowderPro A1

PowderPro A1

Automatic Powder Characteristics Tester

Operation Mode: Automatic

Tapping Speed: 50 - 300 taps/min

Repeatability: ≤3% variation

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PowderPro M1

PowderPro M1

Manual Powder Characteristics Tester

Operation Mode: Manual

Tapping Speed: 250 taps/min

Repeatability: ≤5% variation

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